AFN stands for:

  1. 1.       Every poverty stricken child that had dreams of coming up
  2. 2.       The hurt and the pain of not having
  3. 3.       The ability to bounce back from failure
  4. 4.       The look of  nothing to something
  5. 5.       Uplifting of people who think that the streets are all they have
  6. 6.       Millions of people that know how it feels to be determined to win
  7. 7.       Optimistic strength
  8. 8.       Leadership in a world of followers
  9. 9.       The realest duo that will change the depiction of what a Jersey Rap Artist is
  10. 10.   Always fly niggaz (being the best at what we do) action first niggaz ( motivation to succeed & never waiting for it to happen)



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