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Are you tech secure? GET THE FACTS ABOUT TECH FRAUD.

Technologies biggest emerge is among us and if you are not secure you can become a victim to millions of scam artist & hack masters from all over the world.  Do you or someone in your household bank from your phone without a contract? If your answer is yes then you are in great danger of becoming a victim of technology.  With out contracts to our cell phones and media pads etc. we leave out the support of the network which we can hold liable of fraud (fraud protection coverage).  Fraud protection coverage is essential in this day and age because we rely on tech savvy instruments to do our day to day operations. Being vulnerable will be multiplied by 30 in just months of cancelling contracts.  Face book, Twitter, EBay and on-line banking are hacked everyday as soon as you use your password and  or banking information via Ipad etc. you have given an opportunity to a scammer to lay the hammer. Did you know that last year in the United States alone 200,000+ Americans have reported fraud using non contracted phones and cracked Ipad’s.  This number is going to quadruple in the next 6 months. Okay enough is enough there is a solution

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1. Use traditional methods of bill payment (in person or by mail)

2. Use minimum information of yourself when on-line using social media sites

3. Don’t use a non-contracted phone to conduct business

4. Get phone & fraud protection from a bank or cell phone provider

5. Install a transaction monitor on your media device (many apps to choose from find the most credible)

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